What better way to drive excitement for winning a rare Barbour Picnic Rug, that also doubles as a poncho, and triples as a champagne ice bucket type thing… than making a super slick microsite!

This one page website was the first time Thinking Juice were commissioned to write code for Barbour, the luxury clothing brand. The opportunity meant that the page needed to be slick, optimised and look great. I was tasked with the build, and wanted to focus on as light a page as possible.

Writing jQuery-less javascript and utilising gulp to compress/prefix/minify everything for me, I produced a slick and well received single page site that had lots of tactile feedback, giving the user lots of interact with. Using Greensock’s TweenMax animation library I was able to produce a clean slider mechanic for the gallery while keeping page load as light as possible.

While the site is no longer up for public view, please see below for screenshots and a video.