More interaction and a simpler mechanic helped Del Monte's Easter Facebook App produce some cracking engagement, sorry for the pun (not sorry).

For easter 2015 Del Monte tasked Thinking Juice with building a simple, engaging Facebook app/game that allowed users to win an entry into a prize draw. The mechanic was simple - match 3 fruit, submit your details and enter.

I was tasked with building the entire app from designs produced by the in-house TJ design team. I was given fairly free reign to make it as interactive and engaging as possible. I took full advantage of GreenSock’s TweenMax animation library to achieve a fluid, exciting experience.

With this being my first solo foray into the world of Angular, I found myself needing to redo a few bits here and there when I’d worked out a better "more Angular" way of doing things. That’s definitely not to say that I mastered an organised Angular codebase! Integrating the app into Facebook is not the simplest exercise, but there are some great tutorials out there to make sure you get all of the correct settings for the desktop and mobile versions.

The final product was met with some great response from the Client and Users alike. The engagement was highly improved from the more complex Christmas offering, and the overall app helped secure retained work from Del Monte in the future.

While the app is no longer available for public viewing, please see below for a video and screenshots.