There are lots of Lipsum generators out there on the internet. Most text editors (well, Sublime at least) have built in shortcuts for them, but I still found myself getting frustrated on occasion to generate the text I wanted quickly when I was using apps that didn’t have such shortcuts. Enter the homemade, wonderfully named: Lipsum Generator.

Using vanilla javascript, I wanted to create a good looking, online generator that would allow bookmarking for the user's preferred and most used choice of lorem text. I do this by using html5’s pushstate API to change the query of the URL whenever the user changes the outputted text. This is then bookmark-able so the user can come back to that configuration at the click of a button. The text is preselected by default so just needs the user to copy and paste. There are 4 variables the user can manipulate:

/?paras=1 &words=69 &tags=1 &hodor=1

The tags option will add 'p' tags wrapping each paragraph... and the hodor tag is there just for funsies.

Go check it out!