Thinking Juice provides reporting and analytics for a number of clients. It delivers these reports through an online dashboard. Here's version 2.0.

This new version is completely rebuilt from the ground up to make a faster, TJ branded and more exciting experience. Building the core functionality from Google’s Analytics API - I got to work crafting some serious PHP.

Building the backend through Wordpress may seem like a bit of a surprise, but it allows us at Thinking Juice to better integrate into the sites we build while allowing for easier updates. From my point of view, given my familiarity with Wordpress, it meant I could focus on building out the functionality and optimise the site for speed.

I take advantage of the incredible Advanced Custom Fields as well as Timber, a plugin which lets you use the PHP templating framework: Twig. This was a welcome change for me, as I was able to pull out my Wordpress logic from the template files - allowing for a much better separation of concerns.

While this has been an extremely challenging project for me, it’s been one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to helping maintain and extending going forward.

For the safety of our Client’s data - I can’t provide links to any working site, but please see below for some beautiful screenshots… Oh - I also designing everything as well :D