The luxury Tender brand needing a brand rejuvenation and a fitting new website to boot. Thinking Juice delivers from bow to stern… HA - nautical humour. is being referred to by Thinking Juice’s head honchos as one of the slickest websites they have ever made. I am extremely proud to be part of the team that brought it to life.

My role in the project was focussed heavily on the front end and interaction, but I also helped by creating the initial setup and build processes. Using Composer and Gulp as package managers and task runners - I created a setup that would compile everything into a 'dist' folder, taking Wordpress (our CMS of choice) out of the structure to be used as a dependency. This meant we could have a nice, flat file structure for our theme and plugins. Utilising Browserify to compress and load in our scripts I built a rather complicated gulp setup that would run absolutely everything through a simple watch task. Easy.

For the front end, I focussed a lot on creating sophisticated, CSS driven animation by triggering class changes with javascript when needed, letting the CSS engine handle all the complicated stuff. I really like this technique as it has graceful degradation built in. The grid system is a simple, custom set of classes that help force everything to stay in perfect squares - something that was fundamental to the design.

Williams has been one of the most fun projects I’ve had to work on. It’s been extremely challenging at times as design/content has changed but I have been able to develop some really exciting user engagements.

Go check it out!